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     First the Geography, Ingleton is a small village located on the very western tip of North Yorkshire, a former hive of Industry, the surrounding area shows clearly the results of that industry, mostly Mineral extraction, with a little Textile and Agriculture thrown in. Today Ingleton is a quiet place with Tourism and Agriculture and a smaller Mineral Extraction Industry being the main "Product", but there are a smattering of Industrial Estates and other workshops, mostly adjacent to the A65 at the Southern end of the Village.
  We seem to be stuck with the names of the two rivers that form the Greta being constantly reversed on any map you see (apart from the I.A.A. map of course) even the Mighty Ordnance Survey get it wrong. So just for you dear visiting Angler is the definitive truth! Looking upstream from the confluence of the River Doe and the River Twiss under the magnificent if sadly abandoned Viaduct, the Larger River on your Right is the TWISS and the smaller River on your Left is the DOE, clear ?
 As stated Mineral exploitation was the main industry during the 19th and early 20th Century's, and the scars of the old extractions will be very evident on your fishing trip above the Village on either River, where Coal, Slate, Limestone, and Silurian Wyke have all been taken from both River banks.
     Below the "Iron Bridge" the floor of the Lune valley where the Greta runs consists mostly of Boulder Clay left over from the melting glaciers that formed the Doe and Twiss valleys, making the River Greta totally different from the other two, which are very similar in appearance from their sources to where they join, both have a moorland upper section of about a mile before they enter the Waterfalls, they crash and pool their way through the Falls for roughly two miles then both have a fairly flat section of about half a mile before the confluence. The Greta, although still reasonably fast, is far slower and wider than the other two, and flowing through flat agricultural land it presents a totally different challenge for the Angler.
     I.A.A does not control any of the Angling between the Viaduct and the Iron Bridge where the A65 crosses the River Greta but controls about two mles below the bridge towards Burton In Lonsdale. We are allowed to fish on Burton in Lonsdale Village Waters from the River Bridge UPSTREAM to Skipton Gate (About half a mile) Maps are supplied with fishing Permits.